About Education Without Boundaries

Established in 2016, the agency enjoys a strong link with English schools, Vocational Colleges, Universities, and businesses in Australia. Our staff has extensive experience in the Australian Education Sector through previous ownership of their own college for more than 10 years and involvement with the adult education sector for almost 20 years.

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Our Vision

To work with our clients around the world, to develop skills & knowledge, that creates opportunities, which leads to long term personal & professional success.

Our Mission

To empower every person and every organisation that we work with, to achieve more, through learning & development.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Continuous Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Diversity & Inclusion 
Melbourne Australia
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Helping Students

We work with students to build their careers. We do this through getting a real understanding of what it is the student is trying to achieve. We either develop internal programs for students or we work with accredited institutions to provide pathways to learning and development opportunities to lead to employability.

We make sure that our students are supported through their journey; to reduce isolation, be part of a team, and have someone to turn to if they are having challenges. Support is important to us.

Helping Businesses

We work with businesses to build up their staff, to gain efficiencies through better productivity. We do this through a collaborative approach to understand both the employer and employee needs, and then develop and implement an agreed plan to reach the desired goals. We can develop internal programs tailored for your needs or help you to arrange outsourcing of fully accredited training programs. All of that to support your goals and bring you closer to your business success.

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