Learning and Development

Working with a L&D specialist can assist you with;

  • Creating a tailored specialist program developed for your team,
  • Saving time and money, by choosing the best strategies and maximising your return on investment in specific projects, and
  • Providing you more time to focus on your core business knowing that your training needs are being addressed by professionals.
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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Having a TNA conducted within your organisation can assist in identifying a number of challenges. This can range from;

  • Identifying skill gaps in staff
  • Policy and procedural issues
  • Attitude issues

Resource Development

There are programs that can be bought off the shelf, but no one will know your business better than the business owner and staff members. Through a series of consultations, we can create resources specifically addressing your needs including but not limited to;

  • Training Manuals – Hard copy or digital
  • Assessment tools
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To achieve the best results from your learning and development efforts, we can provide monitoring by our dedicated staff. The monitoring is specific to your project, but often includes:

  • Monitoring of the learning and development progress with qualified trainers and assessors
  • Identification of any issues and problem solving
  • Progress updates

Outsourced learning and development

Through partnering with Education Without Borders, we can assist you in identifying the best possible providers to conduct the learning and development for your organisation. Benefits of this include:

  • Saved time in having to search for a provider and negotiate with them
  • Saved money, as we will have an understanding of your budgetary requirements and this will assist us with negotiation
  • Control, as we will keep monitoring the participants’ progress and provide feedback
  • Peace of mind, as we take care of any issues that may arise
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