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Developing a Learning Culture – Video

Rob Dejanovic speaking
Rob Dejanovic speaking

Developing a Learning Culture – Video

Why is a learning culture important for an organisation? The benefits of having a learning culture help organisations to:

  • Be more efficient
  • Become more innovative
  • Identify problems earlier on
  • Assist with succession planning
  • Reduce risk
  • Save money

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 staff member or 100 +, it is really important to take these points into consideration to help your business prosper.

Here are 5 tips in assisting you to develop a strong learning culture for your organization:

Tip 1: Ensure all levels of management accept that change is coming

Leading by example is important. If managers can demonstrate to their staff that they are committed to change, staff are more likely going to embrace the change that will benefit themselves as well as the organisation

Tip 2: Be clear on Job expectations and Key performance indicators

When a new person joins the organisation or if there is a change in the role, this information will assist the individual to understand what they are required to do, how they will be measured, and what potential training that they are likely to receive to help build their skills.

Tip 3: Use Performance Management tools to Identify Gaps

Don’t use performance management as punishment but use it to identify gaps to help your staff member to grow and develop instead. The information will help you start a conversation with the employee, to collaborate on how best to close those gaps to become a happier and more efficient employee.

Tip 4: Be clear with the process of change

It is important to be inclusive with your team and collaborative when a change to either a process or several processes and systems have been identified. The reason for this is, that the team or individuals may identify problems to the ideas that you have, that could result in the problem becoming worse or you may miss a crucial step where you could have made the process even better than what you imagined because of your teams’ expertise.

Tip 5: Embrace feedback

If you have Yes people around you and don’t challenge your thinking, is it really going to benefit you as a leader? A good leader will accept feedback objectively and then use the information to assist with decision-making and determine what is the best course of action. Accepting feedback shows that you are open to learning, collaborating, and communicating.

If you are ready to embrace a learning culture in your business but need some help why not make a booking for a 1-hour complimentary consultation here to have a chat.

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