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Reddy’s International Student Experience in Australia – Video

Reddy and Rob during interview
Reddy and Rob during interview

Reddy’s International Student Experience in Australia – Video

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a zoom interview with Reddy, an international student from southern India, who has moved from Queensland to Victoria and has commenced a course in the Diploma of Automotive.

I had asked Reddy why he chose Automotive, and he said,” because I like to use my hands and I have a passion for working on cars”. I had also asked why Reddy had chosen us to be his agent, he said “because you call me, let me know what is happening”.

One of the things I was also interested in was, what was the difference between us as agents and other agencies? Reddy had responded,” you let me pick the school I wanted and went to the school to help me to get in”.

Our organisation is all about meeting the needs of the student. It’s about making sure the student is the right fit for the college. As an agency, we do not put profits ahead of student needs.

One of the things not mentioned in the interview, but one of the challenges we had, was assisting Reddy to get an early release from his current college in Queensland. We were successful and Reddy started his program in September 2021.

When reviewing student cases, we always consider first, why is a student looking to move from one college to another? If it’s to benefit the progress in the students learning and career opportunities, we are all for this, but if it’s not for the benefit of the student and a detriment to the college, our advice in this situation is always to finish your qualification with the current college.

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