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Sydney Opera House, Australia
Sydney Opera House, Australia


Why do students pick Australia as a study destination? Australia is known for its high quality world class education that is affordable and a very liveable country, with ampule opportunities. Australia has such a diverse education system from pre-school to primary school, high school, Institutions (Vocational Colleges) that offer Vocational education from Certificate to Advanced Diploma level and Universities that offer higher education that ranges from Bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, post graduate degrees, MBA and PhD.

The majority of Australia’s population is based on the East coast of Australia, but did you know that there are opportunities to save on school fees and greater opportunities to be accepted in an intake if you select a regional institution. There are many benefits in studying in a regional area, take Geelong for example, it is a coastal city and a 20 minute drive from the famous Bells beach in Torquay, access to the Great Ocean road and the 12 apostles. For those that enjoy the outdoors, it is a great experience. For those that enjoy a not so fast pace of living, other benefits include, a quieter lifestyle, less populated areas, lower English requirement and visa benefits to studying in a regional area as opposed to studying in a metropolitan area.

Did you know that Geelong has its own airport at Avalon, just 30 minutes from Geelong? The airport facilitates domestic flights and has now opened up to certain Asian destinations. If you are a student from Asia and study in Geelong, it will provide a more direct flight home during term breaks. Alternatively, during the term breaks, students can visit other states conveniently and explore around. For a number of years Melbourne has been deemed as the world’s most liveable city, but Geelong is the best kept secret as a liveable city. A train ride or driving by car will get you to Melbourne within an hour and 15 minutes (Approximately 80 kilometres). Geelong is considered the second largest city in Victoria with a population of approximately 250,000 residence.

If you enjoy a busy lifestyle, then the inner city of Melbourne is for you. The nigh life in well renowned with great cafes and coffee venues. Transportation in Melbourne makes it easy to get around. There are better part-time employment opportunities in a metropolitan area as opposed to a regional area, but as long as you’re willing to get your hands dirty, there are jobs available in regional towns. Towns such as Ballarat and Bendigo are more regional based, but at one time, they used to be the hub and the richest part of Victoria during the gold rush error. The great thing about those towns are that they are full of history. People in the regional areas are also very friendly. Again in those types of towns, the night life is much quieter.
If you are interested in studying in either metropolitan Melbourne or in regional Victoria, complete our contact us form on our website along with what type of course you are interested in and any further information your require and we will get back to you promptly.

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